Thursday, July 19, 2012

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Information

I am very excited about the Raspberry Pi Camera module. So excited that I've compiled the latest information I could find on the camera module.

  • The camera will be available in 3-4 months (October, 2012) [1]
  • The camera will cost $20-$25 USD [1]
  • Specifications [2]: 
    • Rolling shutter, 1/4" lens
    • Resolution 2592x1944
    • Frame rates: (sensor specs, not necessarily possible on Raspi)
      • QSVGA 15fps
      • 1080p 30fps
      • 720p 60fps
      • VGA 90fps
    • Can support 8-/10 bit raw RGB
    • Power : approx 100mA at 1.5v
[1] Interview with Eben Upton

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